Graphic Artist
In my spare time I love to draw, taking subjects from magazines, books or photography to practice. Other times I draw straight from imagination and incorporate those into designs made using a computer. Check out some of my drawings!
I will play live music with friends at local venues, for ceremonies, fund raising and entertainment. The music typically consists of electronic dance music or ambient textures and rhythm. Although, I now have, since October 2012, played my piano music for a dance theater piece.
As a former student of the University of Montana in Missoula, my compositions have been performed at the annual Composers Showcase. A handwritten composition score pdf by yours truly is available here and recorded midi mp3's can be found in the music pages. Please contact me if you would like midi files of my music.
Along with my friend and other friend I perform juggling for special events such as perades, and festivals. Even when we are just practicing though we tend to draw a crowd and we practice as often as we are together at parties, celebrations, and sunny days. My max number of objects for juggling is 5 and I don't anticipate expanding that number very soon. Allthough between two of us we have achieved a juggle with 11 balls.
I'll fancy myself a writer from time to time and collect poems, abstract ideas and research papers on subjects ranging from love and art to organization, society, and places. Here is a story I wrote.
So now you should be feeling confident enough to buy some music right? I spend the majority of my time hear in life thinking about it and dedicate way too much energy and focus creating it. It's bound to be something you are going to dig.peace music And, imagine the potential of having music created with your vision of what music can be.There are several options available to you including sound effects and ambiance, Electronic Dance and traditional compositions

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